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Owning a home is fantastic, but dealing with mold leaves a lot to be desired. Not only is dealing with mold stressful, but it can also be hazardous to your health. Keep reading to learn about sneaky places in your home that grow mold.sarasota full-service mold removal

We know that mold is likely to grow in our showers, but did you ever think about the mold that grows in your toothbrush holder? After you brush your teeth, your toothbrush has water on it that slowly drips down and collects where it is stored. This water sits and eventually becomes a breeding ground for mold. To avoid this mold, keep your toothbrush holder clean and dry at all times.

Another pesky place where mold can collect is in appliance seals. The silicone and rubber seals that are part of your washing machine or refrigerator can harbor mold without you even knowing it. To clean these areas, either remove the seals to clean them or use a brush to get into the nooks and crannies.

If you have kids, inspect their toys for mold. Kids are likely to nibble on their toys or submerge their toys in water. If their toys collect this moisture, mold can easily grow undetected. Clean your child’s toys often to avoid mold growth and other harmful bacteria.

Do you rely on a cup of coffee in the morning? While getting your daily dose of caffeine can help you be more productive, your coffee maker may be collecting mold. Coffee makers contain water reservoirs that need to be washed and dried out between uses. If you don’t do this, mold and yeast can easily accumulate.

Floor mats help us protect our floors from dirt, debris, and moisture, but did you know floor mats can actually contribute to mold growth? If you walk inside with wet shoes and wipe them on your floor mat, this moisture may collect in the mat and lead to mold growth. Be sure to rinse your mat and let it hang dry on a routine basis to keep it clean and free of mold.

Get mold? We are the experts. At Authorized Services, we are state licensed to remove mold from your residential or commercial space. If you’re a homeowner and struggling with mold growth, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team. Authorized Services are available by phone at 866-590-3335.