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Frequently Asked Questions

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Q) What kind of guarantee do you offer with your services?

All workmanship is guaranteed. We offer a warranty that states your home or market place will remain mold and mildew free for several years after treatment. For a more detailed explanation, call us toll free at 941-480-1805

Q) Will my insurance company pay for mold removal?
In most cases, mold is a direct result of some kind of water intrusion. Most homeowner policies cover these repairs as well as the mold removal. A free inspection from us will help determine if your insurer will cover your property’s issues. We have years of experience dealing and building rapports with insurers.
Q) What if the water damage happened months or years ago?
In many cases, this doesn’t matter. Our company can help you find out what is and what isn’t covered.
Q) Will I have to hire multiple companies to put my house back together?
No. We are a full-service company that handles everything from start to finish at affordable prices.
Q) Can you use the chemicals in and around the air conditioning and heating vents?
After we remove mold and mildew, we decontaminate your property’s HVAC system with a residual mildewcide. This helps prevent future mold growth in your air ducts.
Q) Are the chemicals harmful to pets or plants?

We recommend that you remove pets and plants during the decontamination process.

Q) Are there any after effects to humans after decontamination?

While our chemicals do not have any serious effects on humans, we suggest that you do not inhale in the vapors’ direction
after decontamination.

Q) Do the chemicals kill all mold and mold spores?

Our decontamination process degrades the proteins in mold and its spores making them inactive and neutralized.

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